What We Offer

We Offer Authentic Human Therapeutic Care
For Your Unique Experience and Context

Generating Powerful Authentic, Meaningful and Positive
Change for a Purposeful Life

Existential, Transpersonal, and Gestalt Therapy

Counselling, Psychological Therapy, Psychotherapy

Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups

The counselling, psychological therapy, and deeper psychotherapy approaches that we offer are uniquely informed by Existential, Gestalt, and Transpersonal approaches for your well-being and self-healing. The three therapeutic approaches are highly progressive, integrative and holistic in nature.

We offer:

  • Individual, therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Professional Supervision and Mentoring
  • Experiential Workshops


To access a full description of Existential, Transpersonal, and Gestalt Therapy please click onto the following links:


We provide therapeutic services to suit your needs. This can include:

  • Face to Face In-Person Therapy
  • Telehealth Therapy (Skype or Telephone contact) for Individuals or Couples unable attend in –person due to health concerns or distance.
  • Australia Inter-State wide and International Therapy Services (Skype)

Initial Meeting

Upon meeting with any of our Existential, Transpersonal and/or Gestalt Therapists, your unique needs, and interest will be discussed with you. All services offered are in consultation with you and work within your boundary of comfort.


To discuss your needs please contact us on

christina.manfredi@iinet.net.au  or wahurtz@westnet.com.au

or telephone 08 9430 9533 or 0422 648 243