Christina Manfredi

Principle Owner & Director

Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt & Existential Therapist – Psychological Counsellor – Transpersonal/Spiritual Therapist & Trauma Therapist

Supervision, Personal Development & Professional Support

Christina Manfredi - Clinical Psychotherapist Perth – Gestalt Therapist – Psychological Counsellor – Transpersonal Therapist & Trauma Therapist at Fremantle Counselling & Transpersonal & Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling Perth

I have undertaken professional supervision training and I am registered as a Clinical Supervisor with the AASW. I have supervised individuals and groups in the areas of clinical social work, sexual health, mental health, psychology, and psychotherapy.

I offer an integrative supervision style that is specifically tailored to meet your learning and support needs. I am particularly interested in how the uniqueness of your inner world meets the client’s inner world and what this means for your professional work in the service of your client. Your self-care and nourishment needs at a personal professional level, is very important, and with your consent we attend to this with care.

I also encourage the exploration of theoretical applications to your practice. I believe that where a therapist is adequately professionally supported in a connection with their awareness, authenticity, self-care and professional skills and knowledge that this will in-turn facilitate quality assurance and sound service delivery.

Additionally a service is available for professionals desiring a professional development focus and the assistance to explore creative and visionary practice.

Telephone: 0422 648 243 (please text)