Wilhelm Hurtz

B.Psych., B.A., M. Psych., Grad. Dip. (O.T.), M.A.P.S.

Principle Owner & Director

Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist, Existential Therapist, Clinical Occupational Therapist In Perth, Fremantle

My Therapeutic Approach

Wilhelm Hurtz - Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist, Clinical Occupational Therapist at Fremantle Counselling

I offer individual and couples counselling, psychological therapy, and psychotherapy. I provide a comfortable, supportive and safe environment to talk about all matters and concerns you may find yourself experiencing. As I have trained in a variety of modalities I am able to tailor the best suitable approach to your presenting concerns. Whether your problem requires a short-term solution focused approach or more long-term psychotherapy I will discuss with you after an assessment.

In the individual initial consultation my focus is on building a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. I emphasis in my therapeutic work firstly on the relief of your symptoms, however in order to create longer term change it often requires personal development with the awareness how past and present relationships and events have impacted on your feelings, thoughts, spirit, beliefs, values, goals and behaviour. Once your awareness has been heightened you will be more equipped to make changes in your life that will be beneficial for your psychological well-being. I will assist you in mobilising your awareness into practical actions in your everyday life.


In the couple’s therapy sessions I bring attention to the underlying emotional concerns. It is these underlying emotional concerns that are often inhibiting, and arising as challenges in your emotional intimacy and connection. The healing to the intimate relationship occurs when (also see article on Emotional Focused Couple Therapy):

  • When you each learn to respectfully express your authentic experience and emotional needs.
  • When you are each willing to hear and receive your partner’s experience in an undefended manner.


Telephone: 0414 851 165
E-mail: wahurtz@westnet.com.au