The practice of Earthing is centered upon regaining our direct natural grounded connection with the healing electrical magnetic force of the earth.

Everything in life is a vibration

– Albert Einstein

Life is driven by nothing else but electrons

– Albert Szent-Gyorgi (Nobel Prize Winner)

The practice of Earthing is centered upon regaining our direct natural grounded connection with the healing electrical magnetic force of the earth.

Quantum and Gaia theory demonstrates that we are part of a broader cosmological and thereby planetary interconnected web of life. Our intimate connection to earth is what sustains and brings us health. Disconnection leads to ill health.

It is also known that our bodies have an energetic field analogous to the earth that gives us life. Research shows that there is a fundamental connection and entrainment between the body, brain functioning, mind and earth. The earth, brain, body, and our cells ALL operate within the same frequency range.

Over a number of years many of us in the West have become more and more disconnected from our relationship with nature and the earth herself. Some recent research has indicated that this has in-fact contributed to a number of ailments and illness that we currently experience.

In fact many of us do not get enough of the good earth’s electric magnetic field however unfortunately we do get too much of the bad electro-smog created by cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, fluorescent light, microwaves, plasma TV, cell phone towers. A regular practice of Earthing can assist us in restoring the balance and ensuring that we have direct access to the earth’s healing electric magnetic field.

How we do this is very simple. The earth crust maintains a negative electrical charge on its surface and is a powerful conductor of electrons. Walking barefoot, sitting or lying on the earth supplies our bodies with vital electrons and energy. Research shows that the earth’s pulsating magnetic fields are as essential for our health as food, water, oxygen, and sunlight.

The field of epigenetics also supports the important findings of Earthing. Epigenetics demonstrates that it is not solely our genes that control our biology and health. Our thoughts, beliefs (conscious and unconscious), emotions, and environment that naturally includes our connection with earth, has a powerful influence on our heath and can actually activate chemical switches in the body that regulate gene expression. Hence genes for differing health conditions can be “switched on or off”, and our direct connection with our earth can have some healing effect on this process.

We now know unequivocally that electrical energy infusion from the earth’s magnetic field restores and stabilizes our health. Inflammation, one of the leading causes of disease and ill health can be reduced, pain can also be elevated, sleep improved, distressing psychological symptoms can be minimized and calmness restored.

When we stay attuned and regularly connect to the earth’s natural pulsations we ‘naturally’ relax. Our parasympathic nervous system is activated, and deeper healing is then possible.

Health Benefits of Earthing

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Brings an over active mind energy down into the feet and into the earth thereby emptying and calming the brain
  • Depression, anxiety, and trauma responses can be lessened
  • A stronger sense of grounding and personal confidence can emerge
  • A stronger sense of body awareness, and embodiment develops
  • A feeling of rootedness yet extendedness and lightness emerges
  • Circulation increases
  • Respiration can ease
  • The autonomic nervous system balances
  • The mind becomes clear
  • Concentration with ease emerges
  • Decision making is usually more efficient and effective
  • A clearer sense of interconnectedness and belonging with the earth develops


It is as simple as each day wherever possible for a period of time, place your bare-feet on the grass, sand, or concrete. Sit or lay on the grass or sand. Just simply be and breathe. Breathe in through the nose for 3 or 4, then, breathe out slowing through the mouth for 4 or 5. Imagine breathing through every pour of your body the electric magnetic flow from the earth. Then imagine breathing out body or psychological toxins and releasing them into the earth where they will be used for transformative healing compos. You may be pleasantly surprised by the longer-term result.


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